Core Strategy Policies

CP10 Connaught Barracks
CP11 Managed Expansion of Whitfield
CP8 - Dover Waterfront
CP9 Mid Town
DM1 Settlement Boundaries
DM17 Groundwater Source Locations
DM17 Groundwater Source Protection Zone1
DM17 Groundwater Source Protection Zone2
DM17 Groundwater Source Protection Zone3
DM19 Historic Parks & Gardens
DM2 Employment Land Allocations
DM22 Primary Frontage
DM22 Secondary Frontage
DM25 Open Space
Flood Zone 2
Flood Zone 3

Kent Minerals Plan

Kent Minerals Local Plan 1993

Kent Waste Plan

Kent Waste Local Plan 1998

Local Plan Policies

Area Specific Policies
AY1,2,7,10,11 Aylesham Development Site
AY3 Aylesham Residential Development
AY4 Aylesham Employment Development
AY5 Aylesham Retail Development
AY6 Aylesham Petrol Filling Station
AY8 Alesham New Primary School
AY9 Aylesham Sports/Community Hall
CO5 Heritage Coast
Conservation Areas
ER2 Roman Road Sub-Station
HS2 Housing Sites
Local Economy Policies
OS8 Sport & Recreation
SP8 Comparison Goods
SP8 Town Centres
TR10 Major Urban Footpaths
TR10 Riverside Walk - Existing
TR10 Riverside Walk - Proposed
TR12 Channel Tunnel Safeguarding
TR4 A2-Safeguarding
TR4 Safeguarding Routes
TR9 Cycle Routes

Other Designations

Ancient Woodlands
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Local Nature Reserve
National Nature Reserve
Scheduled Monuments
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Special Area of Conservation
Special Protection Area